January 31, 2016
by : admin


As of 2020 Misty Mountain Sound will begin the move to Penticton BC in the beautiful South Okanagan, Please stand by as we gear up for a new location and some exciting projects!

The Studio is in a “music hub” building, housing both Wentworth Music, and Skaha Sound Co.

We have best of both worlds in a digital/analog hybrid studio, consisting of some of the best vintage analog components, (API, Joe Meek, SSL, Focusrite, Soundcraft, DBX),  ADAM S3A Monitoring, Antelope Orion 32+ HD i/o, Dangerous Music summing, with multiple headphone mixes available. A great selection of microphones. Analog and Digital Plugin Instruments, like Reason, Maschine, Komplete running in MOTU Digital Performer 9, Logic Pro, as well as Protools 10.IMG_1802

There is a selection of Grestsh and Yamaha drum kits, some vintage synths and samplers, as well as Line 6 Guitar processing, and a selection of amps.

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